Master’s thesis – we offer help in writing master’s theses. Writing this type of work is not easy, you have to complete a number of requirements set by both the university and the promoter (choosing the right topic, the design of the work plan). It is also necessary to collect literature, carry out research, find the results of previous research, etc. In writing valuable text can be prevented by, for example, lack of time or lack of proper creative inspiration. If these and similar problems are not foreign to you then please contact us, we will help at every stage of the master’s thesis construction. Each master thesis we write has a high substantive level.

Our offer regarding master’s theses includes:

  • Help in writing master’s theses;
  • Help in formulating the relevant topic of the master’s thesis;
  • Assistance in the preparation of master’s master plan;
  • Assistance in writing a master’s thesis and its chapters, both in theoretical and empirical (research) theses;
  • Assistance in preparing studies for the master’s thesis and analysis of their results;
  • Scientific consultations and specialist consultancy in the field of master studies;
  • Assistance in preparing the necessary bibliography for the master’s thesis (eg English literature, foreign literature and netography);
  • Checking, substantive, spelling and stylistic correction of the master’s thesis;
  • Adapting the master’s thesis to the anti-plagiarism system used by universities (anti-plagiarism report).

Interesting information

Master – is a professional title awarded to graduates after completing a uniform Master’s degree. The duration of these studies ranges from three to four semesters for second-cycle studies (supplementary) to nine-twelve semesters for uniform Master’s degree studies (depending on the field of study). The master’s degree can also be obtained after completing the so-called complementary master’s studies. The duration of these studies ranges from two to two and a half years. Education at supplementary studies may be taken by people who have completed a higher vocational studies after obtaining a bachelor’s or engineer’s degree.

To obtain a masters degree, a student is required to complete all subjects and practices covered by his / her program. He is also obliged to submit and defend his diploma thesis – a master’s thesis and pass the master’s exam. In the case of studies in the field of medicine and in the field of veterinary medicine, the basis for obtaining the title is passing the last exam required by the program. After successfully completing all the above-described stages, the graduate obtains a Master’s Degree. On request, it also receives a copy of the diploma in a foreign language.

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