PhD thesis – we offer help in writing doctoral dissertations. Writing this type of work is a huge challenge. To write a doctorate you have to fulfill a number of requirements set by both the university and the promoter (relevant dissertation topic, accurate work plan, conducting research, verification of hypotheses). It is also necessary to collect a wide range of literature (most often also foreign), carry out high-level research, find results of previous research, etc. In writing a valuable text that will constitute the original solution to the scientific problem posed, it may interfere with lack of time, as well as the lack of adequate creative inspiration. If these and similar obstacles and problems are not foreign to you, then we ask you to contact us, we will help at every stage of the construction of the doctoral thesis. Each doctoral dissertation we write has a high substantive level.

Our offer regarding doctoral dissertations includes:

  • Help in writing doctoral dissertations;
  • Help in formulating the appropriate topic of the doctoral dissertation;
  • Assistance in the preparation of the doctoral dissertation plan;
  • Assistance in writing a doctoral dissertation – chapters, both in theoretical dissertations of theoretical as well as empirical (research);
  • Assistance in preparing research for the doctoral dissertation and analysis of their results;
  • Scientific consultations and specialist consultancy in the field of particular doctoral studies;
  • Help in preparing the necessary bibliography for the doctoral dissertation (eg English literature, foreign literature and netography);
  • Checking, substantive, spelling and stylistic correction of the doctoral dissertation;
  • Adaptation of the dissertation to the anti-plagiarism system used by universities (anti-plagiarism report).

If you have not found your field of study in doctoral studies, please contact us.

Interesting information

The doctor, unlike professional titles (magister, licencjat, inżynier) is a scientific degree, he is the first in the hierarchy of scientific degrees (it can also be a degree in the field of art).

To obtain a doctoral degree, a person is entitled who has at least one of these professional titles: master’s degree, master’s degree, doctor, or another equivalent title. He must prepare and defend his diploma thesis (written under the supervision of a supervisor) – a doctoral dissertation. This work is usually a monograph (book) of science, but it can also be a thematically consistent series of articles published in print, eg in scientific journals. Regardless of the form, this work is required to bring new and significant content to the development of science, to be the result of the original investigations of the author. Her submission is a necessary condition to obtain a PhD degree. Another prerequisite is the public defense of work and an interdisciplinary oral exam covering topics in other fields of science. In UK, doctoral studies preparing for the doctoral degree did not function for a long time. At present, thanks to the Bologna Process, third-level higher education institutions operate in our country.

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